Free, for up to five users, forever

We are obsessed with process and want you to start reaping the benefits of using deftli today. We don’t want to give you the headache of evaluating deftli in a trial period, and then give you the pain of making you start all over again when you see how amazing it is at managing processes and tasks your way.

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£8 per user per month

or pay annually to get 2 months free

for £80 per user per year

Saving £16

Enjoy deftli’s full functionality, including:


Create tasks/ sub-tasks

Search and clone tasks

Attach files

Assign tasks and message others in your organisation

Set notifications for yourself or others

Establish groups and set permissions


Set due dates

Schedule individual tasks

View audit trails

Set alerts for the process owner

At-a-glance reports


Create processes from your tasks

Use/modify existing templates or create new ones

Explain why certain tasks haven’t been performed

Comment on how/where the process can be improved

We know you’ll love deftli, so just start using it now for free, for up to five users*, forever.

* When you add a sixth user our subscription-based model kicks in, costing £8 per user, per month.

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