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The process of naming a company

Two days after launching at the Vistage Open Day we decided it was time to change our name to something that better reflected who we are now, rather than what we were when we started with just a vision.This is our 5 step process for deciding on a new name.

Empowering employees the right way

Gone are the days where employees clocked in and out, being told exactly what to do and when. Now managers are looking at empowering employees to run the business in new and efficient ways.

A technology enabled business

As you step out of your door and need to find a taxi, your instinct is now to reach for your phone to tap in to a network of taxis near you. As with every part of your life, technology is now, more than ever, at the core of how things are done.

Use workflow management to improve efficiency

Efficiency is definitely the order of the day for many businesses; it feels like everyone is searching for the magic button they can press to improve efficiency, which in turn boosts productivity and therefore your bottomline. In reality there isn’t a single button, but there are efficiency gains to be had in you processes.

Branding is more important than you think

Your brand can become your most valuable asset. But without a solid process, a marketing team will not be able to efficiently adhere to corporate branding requirements so it won’t be long before marketing collateral is a jigsaw of mismatched logos and inconsistent messages.

How did process lead Ferrari to lose in Monza?

Everything was in Ferrari’s favour in Monza. And yet against all odds, Mercedes took the victory on the podium. Why? What if Ferrari had learned from its past mistakes? Could Raikkonen have ended his 100 race drought to finally take the top spot on the podium?

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