Process management… we get it

Process is a bit like Marmite: either you love it or hate it. But without it, your life would be chaos and you’d waste hours just trying to get the basics done. Process management should be an enabler to making things happen. It’s why you perform hundreds of little processes everyday, ticking tasks off your checklist and finding better, more efficient ways of doing things.

It’s why we created deftli.

Simple process management software everyone understands

We all have a love hate relationship with process. We love that it makes us feel reassured that tasks are done, everything is working and we’re safe to get on with the things we really enjoy. But we hate doing it and the way we feel controlled and disempowered.


Well that’s about to change…

deftli makes process management easy and treats you like you are in charge – because you are. Now you can empower every person, every day to achieve more and do it better.

deftli is simple process software that’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. It empowers your team and frees them to focus on what matters.
  2. It enables continuous process improvement.
  3. It reassures you that things are being done how you want them to be done.

And the best bit – it builds the process for you.

So forget the paper checklists. Forget the spreadsheets and disparate systems. Forget the to-do list in your head with 101 tasks on it. With deftli, everything is designed to make your life easier – to help you, not control you. And the best thing about it – you don’t have to change a single thing; simple beautiful software that flexes to your way of doing things.


Your deftli team


Alister Esam, Founder and CEO

Alister built and ran a successful global software product company, eShare, which has been running for over 14 years.  At eShare he was obsessed with process and developed a deftli prototype, which every one of his 65 employees uses. He’s passionate about taking the product to more companies and believes more than anything else that process should be easy.


Alan Mortis, CTO

Alan is passionate about software, particularly emerging technologies, and his interest lies in how he can make people’s lives better by creating new solutions to existing problems. Alan has been developing commercial software for nearly 30 years.


Venetia Lipscombe, Project Lead

Venetia has worked closely alongside Alan for the last two years, and is crucial to deftli’s success. She is responsible for analysing client requirements, writing specification documents, creating wireframes and refining designs, liaising with the technical team during development and providing end user training.


Alice Hollis, CMO

Alice has 12 years’ B2B marketing experience in the IT sector, and understands how to take complex technology and express it in simple English that everyone understands, and more importantly sees the benefit in.


Empower every person, every day to achieve more and do it better.